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About JENNA & CO.

About Us

Get ready to meet a team of dedicated Ottawa real estate agents who are changing the way Ottawa buys and sells homes. JENNA & CO. promises a 100% focus on customer satisfaction and a commitment to selling your home fast. They offer more than just their word, however, with some of the best “no surprise” guarantees in the real estate business.

100% Customer Satisfaction—Cancel at Any Time

What if you could enjoy the experience of selling your house? What if it could be fast, painless, and your agent was committed to delivering exceptional results? JENNA & CO.’s real estate agents can help make that a reality.

Here, creating an exceptional house selling experience is the #1 priority. It’s so important, in fact, that they are willing to make a bold promise to you:

If you are not 100% satisfied with the service you are receiving, you can cancel at any time. Say goodbye to restrictive real estate contracts that you can’t escape from. Say hello to a win-win relationship.

Your House Sold Fast, Every Time

Selling your house quickly is the best scenario for you because you capture the highest price possible. That’s why JENNA & CO. is built for speed. Using tactics like a high-energy “House Launch” to a relentless focus on promoting your house across all available channels—including frequently overlooked ones —JENNA & CO. will Sell your home in 30 days to net the most amount of money possible..

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Getting started is easy. Simply fill out the form on the side of this page and a representative of the JENNA & CO. team will get back to you as quickly as possible. You’re only steps away from an amazing house selling experience.

Meet Jenna

Jenna Swinwood leads JENNA & CO. She lives in Half-Moon Bay with her husband Patrick and her two children. She is deeply committed to the wellbeing of her community, having organized community-based fundraising events for charities such as the Canadian Diabetes Association, the Canadian Liver Foundation, Make a Wish Foundation, CNIB, and the Dave Smith Youth Treatment Foundation. Click here to see some of the events she has organized for this year!

A vibrant real estate agent, she brings significant expertise and passion to each and every client she works with. She is dedicated to making sure that every client is 100% satisfied with their home selling and buying experience.

Jenna’s outgoing and positive attitude helps ensure the best results for her customers. She’s known for her enthusiastic and high energy “House Launches” that see your entire house marketing plan deployed in the first 72 hours.

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