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Kanata Real Estate Agents

Kanata Real Estate Agents

Kanata real estate agents sold 149 homes for an average price of $393,000 in Kanata during the month of April 2015 via the Ottawa MLS system. This were 21 more homes sold on the MLS than the same month last year. In fact real estate agent consistently sell more homes in Kanata every year.

Year               Number of Kanata Homes Sold

2005             973

2010             1011

2014             1075

Kanata Real Estate Agents Listings by Neighborhood

Neighbourhood                                               Number of active Kanata listings

Beaverbrook                                                     21

Katimavik                                                         27

Glencairn/Hazeldean                                    32

Bridlewood                                                      54

Kanata Lakes & Heritage Hills Kanata     63

Morgan’s Grant & South March                 71

Emerald Meadows                                        62

In all of Kanata there are close to 400 free style homes for sale as of June 2015 offering a great variety of choice for Kanata home buyers.

Real Estate agents sold 149 Kanata homes in May 2014 for an average sale price of over $386,000 indicating a steady demand for homes.


Selling your house or condo by working with a professional and experienced real estate agent or real estate team is the most effective method to maximize your net gain from the transaction and save you time and potential unexpected and unwanted surprises. Every home buyer and seller should have a knowledgeable real estate agent representing their exclusive interests.

Tips for Choosing a Real Estate Agent

  1. Ask for recent sales – do not simply decide to work with a real estate agent because he lives on your street or is a distant relative. Keep your decision process rational and business like. When contacting an agent ask for a list of most recent 8-10 sales, both listings and purchases. You should analyze what type of properties the agent specializes in and ask for permission to talk to some of the clients.
  2. Ask to see the real estate license – all Realtors are licensed in Ontario so you have every right to see your agent is a licensed Ottawa real estate agent.
  3. Pick a winner – pay attention to peer awarded performance honours. A top selling experienced agent focusing on your area or type of property is a great start to find a good choice.
  4. Focus on service and results – we all want to save money. Focusing on low or ‘no-commission’ real estate solutions may not get you the best results. There are many ways to market a home, find buyers, negotiate an offer. Working with an experienced and knowledgeable real estate agent will help greatly in your real estate plans.