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Ottawa Real Estate Agents

Ottawa Real Estate Agents

ottawa real estate agents

The role of Ottawa real estate agents and Realtors in general is to be a trusted and knowledgeable Ottawa real estate advisor in all aspects and areas of the real estate transaction. This covers a wide range of areas from the initial meeting to the closing of the transaction and beyond. Ottawa real estate agents are guided and abide by the Code of Ethics and must pass and continue to take courses on various topics such as real estate law, mortgage fundamentals, ethics, construction and appraisal among others.

Three Pillars of Client Representation

Realtors owe their clients confidentiality, a commitment to the best interest of the client and FULL disclosure.

As a client you should expect your real estate agent to work for you! It seems obvious but there are situations, such as a multiple representation, when one Realtor can represent both buyers and sellers in the same transaction. This must be fully disclosed and agreed upon by the clients. The real estate agents at Jenna and Co. believe that all clients deserve a full description and explanation of our relationship and services before we decide to work together.

Professional Services

As your real estate agent we make sure you have access to our wide network of industry professional services. Home inspectors, insurance brokers, mortgage brokers, contractors and real estate lawyers are there to make your transaction go as smoothly as possible while representing your interests.