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Sold in 22 days

Sold in 22 days

sold in 22 days

Sell your property in 22 days or less. Jenna and Co. focuses on selling properties within 22 days for maximum amount. Call or email Jenna Swinwood for a NO OBLIGATION and FREE consultation on how to sell your property in 22 days or less AND for maximum amount.

It is a given that every seller wants to sell fast and for more. Few sellers however, understand how to set up their property and organize marketing to achieve these goals. Jenna Swinwood, Broker will be glad to show and explain you how it can be done. Call or contact us by filling out the form on the right.

Why is it crucial to aim to sell your home in 22 days?

Pricing your property right to sell fast is the single most crucial step when listing a home. Statistics from MLS Ottawa show that there is a very strong inverse correlation between time spent on the market and the amount of money you will receive for your home. Ottawa homes that sell in less than 20 days, sell for an average of $8000 more than homes that stay on the market for 60 days or more!

There is no statistical difference between properties that sell within a week vs those that sell in 2o days. Therefore, the first 3 weeks is absolutely the most important period of time you have to sell your home for the most money possible. Every additional day your property stays on the market after 22 days will net you less money.

We believe you hire us to sell your home fast and the most money it is possible given the present market conditions (time of year, competition, economic background, recent trends etc) and your property’s competitive advantage over others (condition, location, age, size, upgrades etc).

When you list your home with Jenna and Co. Ottawa Real Estate Group your property will be positioned to sell within 22 days to take advantage of the single most important window of opportunity to net the most amount of money: the first 22 days on the market. Everything that we do from the advice on pricing, staging, professional photo shoot and precise listing launch is with the goal of selling in 3 weeks for the most amount possible!

Call us for a free discussion on the details of our system to sell in 22 days!

Sell in 22 days or less with Jenna Swinwood Barrhaven